A run in the park…

Nothing like a visit to the park running behind two hyper little girls to make you reflect on my personal goals in life … and also realize how totally ‘unfit’ I really am. Every day I thank God for my fast metabolism because if it wasn’t for it, I know I’d totally be over weight by now. =) Ok, Ok, I need to exercise and I promise I will… soon, stop hounding me conscience! LOL
At the Park3
Besides me realizing I need to get on a treadmill to be able to keep up with my girls, this is the one moment I have come to realize what truly makes me happy… them. Them as in my girls and photography.
At the ParkI may not be gifted at neither but I have come to realize being a good mom and taking photos of them makes ma happy and that’s all that matters. Being happy means doing what you LOVE and there comes a time when you just have to make the choice and go for it whatever it may be. I might be a simple kind of girl but these two are my happiness. ;)At the Park1
Since I’ve just said happy way too many times in one paragraph, I won’t say it again… ok maybe once more… HAPPY!!! =) There it’s out of my system now. After the realization, now comes the hard part … doing something about it. I’m thinking It may not be so hard after all once I get going, I mean I almost got the “good mom” part done. Just ask my girls and they’ll tell you, they’re mommy’s girls! =)

Sorry, I try to stay out of my personal personal life as much as possible as I’m a semi-private kind of girl but this had to be said. For now I’m just glad knowing what truly makes me happy … haha I said it again! =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas