The Best Parent I Can Be

Not only did I fall in love with Psychology from the very first day I ever knew what it was, I became even more intrigued with it when I found out what Child Psychology was. As a young child I always asked myself “why”… “why do my parents do this”, “why do adults say those things to each other”, “why do I have to wear this hideous uniform to school every day?!” Ok, so I asked a lot of whys, but those questions never left me. Studying Psychology finally answered so many of those questions so naturally it became my obsession. Ok, not in a creepy kind of way! =) I knew I wanted to be prepared for when I had my own children as I knew I wanted to be the best parent I could be.

Now I’m an adult… Well at least I try to be, and I have my own daughters and nothing could’ve ever prepared me for the real world of parenting.  I thought I would be prepared for when my first daughter was born, I was wrong. What makes me different is the fact I still remember those questions I had and I try to imagine the girl I was into the girl my daughter is now.  I see myself in her so much, all the time, inquisitive, asking me a hundred questions and when I don’t have an answer for something, she encourages me to keep trying by saying “but mom, you know everything!” So naturally then I run and Google it! =)

Being the best mom, I’ve always felt, would be the best gift I could ever give my children. I can’t say I don’t make mistakes but the fact that I know I make them, makes all the difference! Good parenting, I’ve noticed, is not only difficult but we’re not born knowing how to. Maybe because our parents didn’t know or maybe we’re too busy to want to know. In my family’s case, I like to think it was the latter. We were 6 kids running every which way, how can you keep up with either one? And let’s be honest, knowledge wasn’t easy to come by either. I knew I wanted as many children as I could handle and two seems to be just right for me and even then sometimes I am overwhelmed at all their needs.

I don’t mean to say I always know what to do or even gonna try to assume my way is the right way. I just know what has worked for me and what the countless hours in psychology classes never taught me… it’s called life. I’ve been told I’m a good mom and I like to think I try my best to be, that’s all we can really do. Good intentions plus good knowledge can take you very far as it has me with my parenting.

As I asked myself why do my parents do this or that, now I ask the why does my kid do this or that. Still very inquisitive. The only difference is that now I know why my two girls fight for the same darn balloon when they are two identical ones sitting right in front of them! =) Because I know the why, it is easier to just accept it and move on. I know it’s almost impossible to be the perfect parent, although there are a couple out there in the world I’m sure, but a great parent is definitely doable. With a few whys answered along the way have made a big difference in my parenting life and I’m pretty sure my girls will definitely thank me for that later.

This is the part where I try to be helpful. Without further ado, I give you my new section labeled “parenting”. Very original, I know. Or maybe “awesome parenting”? … still deciding. haha The point is that I will try to give you my point of view on parenting backed up with some knowledge of course, otherwise it’d just be a mom complaining. I will try my best to help being this is an area I am very passionate about, know a bit about and I’ve also done time being a mom. Life experience is very important because a book and life are two different things. With my daughter calling me “ma” every second to take her out of the tub, I must wrap it up now. I hope you will find this section helpful or at the very least answers some of your whys.
=) Happy Parenting!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas