Family Summer Vacation

My Beautiful South Padre ViewHad so much family fun
Aww, my Summer Vacations were so much fun! It pains me to say I will miss them so much but after a month of being away I was glad to settle back in.
Part one of my vacations took place in my home town and the other half was in Alabama visiting my other family. I will post some photos I took there next.

Mommy and Sophie Mommy and Mila
Spending some relaxing time with my girls and family turned out to be everything I could’ve ever imagine.  I miss those early morning visits to the ocean and those late night sunsets… simply the best in the world. And my tan is awesome, I love you sun! =) South Padre Island is always such a treat to visit and this Summer to went there more times than I thought I would. I’ve decided, when I’m old and retire, I will live in a beach house so I can enjoy this tranquility every single day. =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas