My Birthday

My birthday post only two weeks late but I still wanted to mention what a wonderful time I had. Being that I plan on turning this blog into a book soon this is one entry I could not leave out for sure. =)

My day was extremely relaxing… hardly does my B’day ever go as planned and that’s why I didn’t make any. Woke up and had a delicious lunch at Red Lobster… it’s kind of something we do on every birthday. The Ultimate Feast is what I usually eat and I’m not ashamed to mention I loved all 5k calories and my cake was heavenly.

As my only B’day plan was to have a relaxing and pampered day, I got just what I asked for. My family was so amazing to me that day I almost could not believe it. =)

My hubby cooked me steaks on the grill later that day at the ranch just like I wanted, got to relax and be pampered all day, I got a photo shoot with my family and got my new baby that I wanted for a gift… a Louis Vuitton speedy 30. Yeah, sorry iPad, my girly side of me won this battle. My geeky side got it’s share with my new hTc EVO 4G I will post later. Needless to say, I simply loved, loved my Birthday! =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas