I Love My hTc EVO 4G!

EvoAll I can say this baby is the biggest and baddest phone I’ve ever played with and I’m in love. Yes, I even slept with it the first few nights. Being this is my first Android phone I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was a bit nervous. I had seen other Android phones in the market but none ever interested me until I saw Sprint was putting out the first 4G phone ever and I began to drool… in anticipation of course.

With my contract expired and not enough sleep, I got in line as early as I could at the Sprint store on June 4th… about 15 minutes before they opened.  Hey, I wasn’t that desperate! I just want to mention I love Sprint stores when they release a new phone, it’s like a party in there… drinks, snacks, music and everybody excited about their new phone. Fun.

To make a long story short this phone is everything I expected and so much more… it’s almost a mini computer in the palm of my hands! Web pages are so much better being they load with flash so every web page looks exactly as it does on my computer. The screen is huge so it makes surfing the web, watching videos, or playing games so much more enjoyable.  One thing it took me a while to learn was the on screen keyboard but I’m proud to say I’m now almost a pro!

So far this phone has all pros and for those who complain “the battery” isn’t so great, well then go home and play with your battery. This phone, as most smart phones do, will suck up some battery juice. Unfortunately, battery technology is not keeping up with the newest and fastest phones out there so it’s not the phone’s fault. It’s not like I play with it 12 hours a day… eventually I am going to put it down and a charge will not hurt my phone’s manhood. =)
EVO Specs

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas