Sophie My Photographer

IMG_19963To have a picture taken of me with one of my girls is a rarity and with both of them almost never mainly because no one cares to take them or because I hog the camera too much. Either way, this day was a lucky day for me because my babygirl Sophie managed to take a couple of shots that didn’t include only the ground… our faces were actually in them!

IMG_19892 So I wanted to share these two photos because I’m so proud of her. These photos were taken by my “photographer in training” Sophie with some cropping done by me. She was a bit concerned with her copyright so she told me: “mom, make sure you put my name on them”. I don’t think so, my camera, my photos. ;)
While I only let her hold my cam for a bit next came more fun for me. I took some super fun photos of Sophie that I will post next week. So mom’s out there… who takes your photos?

P.S. This Sunday is my Birthday so I will be posting photos of me, me, me and my party next week! Yeah I’m bringing a tripod to make sure there are photos of me. =) Thanks for stopping by!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas