Sophia’s 8th Birthday

IMG_2702 Sophia had such a fun day on her Birthday.  First I spoiled her with a No School Day as a treat for hardly ever being absent and terrific grades. I just thought I’d brag a little bit here. =)
She was under the impression that she was not getting anything of what she asked for… her computer, clothes and of course, her Birthday cake.  I, being the brilliant sneak that I am… somehow that didn’t sound as a compliment… managed to hide everything from her. It almost broke my heart when I would see her sad face every time she would ask and I would say “maybe later” and my wonderful babygirl would say “it’s ok mom, at least we’ll have fun that day” Awww!


The day went “almost” as planned… like they ever do? Her first surprise came early in the morning when I almost “magically” made all her dream presents suddenly appear.  Her face to me was priceless and the one I almost live for to see. She was so happy… she jumped right in to playing with her new Dell Netbook.


IMG_2853I made her a big breakfast that she ordered… pancakes, bacon, grits. For lunch she wanted to go to her favorite place… not Red Lobster (I wish) She chose Johnny Carinos. Then we had some fun. My speeding babygirl… she must get this from me! She was finally old enough to ride at this place and she felt so grown up doing so. 

I love my babygirl so much and we all ended up exhausted... a good sign that everything went better than planned. =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas