C.A.T: My Treehouse Squirrels

I want to tell you the story of our pet squirrels. A few years ago we raised a couple of tiny baby squirrels who were left by their mama on a friend’s attic. A family member had given us a GIANT bag of pecans so this was of course their perfect meal.  Raising them wasn’t easy… they are SOOO messy so cleaning their room was a daily thing. We named them Sandy and Hemi but was very hard to tell them apart but we tried. 

Out of all the animals we’ve ever had, a squirrel never seemed like something we would be lucky enough to ever get.  They are after all wild and so fast.  The only person I’ve ever know who’s ever caught one is Gary but that was when he was young. Don’t tell him I said that or else he will try to prove himself by climbing every tree until he brings me a live squirrel. =)

Playing with them was such a fun experience! At first they thought I was prey so naturally they hid most of the time.  With my animal calling skills I quickly began imitating their noises and they began to trust me.  I became the mama they never had… Ah what an honor!

They run a million miles an hour!  Almost, but it’s the coolest thing ever when they finally like you and they want to play with you. Aw, good times. Then came the kind of sad part… letting them go.  When we figured they were old enough to fend for themselves we gave them a giant pecan tree where our treehouse is where they could live happy together.  We still get glimpses of them now and then and when they do they like to sit and watch us for a while and I tell them “smile to mama!”  If only I could get to play with them one more time.

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Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas