My Mother's Day

My girls and husband made my Mother's Day the happiest day I could ever ask for.  Every year I ask for the same thing... to relax and just be spoiled all day long.  Selfishly I think I should get this every day but I realize it's kind of a big deal so once a year... I'll take it.

My day started with a delicious breakfast at my favorite Mexican restaurant then I got to do some of my most favorite things like take hundreds of photos from my precious girls to butterflies, relax on the hammock and drink a margarita while my husband cooked steaks on the grill just for me. Aww... if I could just get days like these more often. =)

With my first babygirl Sophia
With my sweet girl Camila
Hope your day was just what you wanted and so much more.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas