Meet Especial … My Sweet Filly

IMG_1864I am in love… with my filly Especial born April 27, 2010. Now I have three horses whom I love so much. Shiloh was my first horse, Cutterlina and now her first filly, Especial. She gets her name from her mama’s registered name and it couldn’t be more fitting.

This year we are full of new life in our ranch with two foals born already and one more on the way from Babygirl. Gary wants a filly so bad but if not she will be having a Babyboy and this will also be his name. ;)


Let the bonding begin! … I am so happy to start helping raise my new baby. I know it’s a big responsibility but I couldn’t be excited and ready to learn everything that I need to. She’s the cutest thing ever! ❤

One Sweet Kiss

I’ve been so eager to finally meet her and the very first day I did she came up to me and gave the sweetest kiss ever! She knew I was her second mama and loved her so much already. =)

I would love to know some of your bonding techniques I can use with Especial to begin a trusting relationship with her.  She is curious and because her mama trusts me, she is learning to trust me as well.  I would love to know the best approach I can take.  Thanks for you advice! =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas