Meet Babyboy

We have fallen in love with our third foal, Babyboy. For some reason I happen to posses this “psychic” ability and I predicted Babygirl was going to have a boy… and she did! =) Man, why didn’t I bet money?

We are so proud of Babygirl for having such an Absolutely GEORGEOUS foal! He is so perfect in every way. Babygirl is a protective and caring mom and is teaching Babyboy to trust us as well. This is her very fist foal and this, well, was her first Mother’s Day, too. =) Yeah, I like to think they celebrate holidays like we do. Happy first Mother’s Day Babygirl and Cutterlina and Cowgirl! =)

Babyboy was born in May 4th, 2010 to a loving and caring mama, Babygirl.

This was exactly the view I had during Mother’s Day! The cuteness of three foals playing and running around. They behave so much like children do, I was amazed! They stay close to their mom’s most of the time, except Cowboy who is a month old.  He is starting to roam around the herd playing with everyone else.
They are a blessing to us and are so grateful they came into our lives.  If you can’t tell by now… WE ARE SO EXITED! =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas