It’s A Plane!

IMG_4457-2Taking our girls out for some fun has turned a bit difficult when you have done everything you possibly can. Sometimes you want to try something different and this was one of those days.

Gary had the idea of taking the girls out to see the planes land at the airport and they actually had more fun that I thought they would.  There’s a little area at the airport where the planes landing go right over you so it was fun when I would hear my little one say “mo’ plane!” when another plane was coming near.

It’s not always when I get to see planes so near and using my long lens I was even able to even see the pilot!… that was fun. =)

IMG_4530 IMG_4558
I saw this sign by one of the fences and it said to Keep Out so I thought it would look so cute as a background.  Here I had Sophie lay on top of my car just waiting for the next plane to arrive. We always have lots of fun going out and exploring new things with my girls and this was another one of those days. While we have taken Sophie there before, this was the first time for Milly to see big planes. Thanks Gary for this idea with fun memories. =) IMG_4624

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas