Shiloh Gets Saddle Broke


Getting Shiloh saddle broke for her first time was so fun to watch and her sweet and trusting personality made it easy too. At first she had no idea what that thing on her back was and began bucking until she realized it wasn’t going to hurt her. She soon calmed down and she began following Gary around the pen. Now came the fun part… Trying to ride her! I was hoping for some fun next but even then she was such a good girl. =)

Shiloh trying to buck the saddle off but nothing some sugars can’t fix to calm her down. =)

And now she is ready! =) I was hoping I would get to see some bucking off action but she was so good she trusted him on her back. I kept telling her “It’s ok baby girl, you can buck him off if you want to” I was just trying to help! Ok, no, I was just trying to get him bucked but he likes it, though. =) He’s a pro!

I was so proud of her and she looks adorable with her saddle on. I got her as a present when she was a baby and the first horse I fell in love with. =) She has a perfect lightning bolt on her forehead and is the sweetest horse ever… you can’t help but love her. =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas