My Playful Horses

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Watching my horses run is such a fun time for all of us specially me. I usually just grab my camera and try to catch up to them. I’m not sure why they take off running other than they are just so happy to see me or running scared away from me… but that’s only what I think. What to do I know! =)

While I try not to get in their way I do run around, trip and fall like a crazy person. I love trying to capture them when they seem to me they are so happy and free. =) I love it! It doesn’t last long so I only try to do my best. They can be a bit lazy sometimes. I was happy with these photos and I only fell once… When will I learn never to chase horses wearing flip-flops! =)


Cutterlina, Shiloh, Babygirl, Ravijoe, Flipflop and Pancho in these photos.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas