My Birthday Girl

IMG_4041 IMG_3912 

I recently realized I never posted photos of my babygirl’s birthday as well as many other ones such as Valentine’s Day. Apparently I am a little bit behind.

I was so proud of my little girl… she is now a raging toddler with tantrums and everything! She’s not my little baby anymore and makes me kind of sad… but in a good way of course. =)

She has entered the “terrible Twos” and what can I say… BRING IT! I will cherish every single day because they go by so fast and before I know Camila will be as big as Sophie.

IMG_4012 I Love you Sweet Babygirl! We went to ITZ and she got to ride all kinds of fun rides and eat all the sweets and cake she wanted.  She was spoiled and loved so much on her special day. =)
Here's a couple more photos of my girl

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas