Daddy The Horse Trainer

Daddy Trains Daddy Trains

Watching daddy train horses is always fun for my girls and for me to photograph. This day was Ravijoe’s time to get trained but things didn’t go so good for him. The saddle came half off and he ran around bucking forever trying to get it off. Even though I got some nice photos. I did feel bad for him but everything had a happy ending. He soon calmed down and he was able to get the saddle off. He was unharmed but the round pen got a few more boards knocked off. ;)

While all this was going on my girls and I got to see something better than TV for once.  What can I say, every horse trainer likes an audience and this day daddy got the best audience in the world! =)

Daddy TrainsDaddy Trains

Daddy Trains

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas