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With every new year comes a redefinition of who I am.

Frithos Roadtrippin 2014

These places were in my bucket list, dreaming of one day visiting.

January 2015

Family Time.

Happy Father's Day

A day we celebrate everything our babyboy does for us.

Marina Turning 2

My baby is growing up by leaps and bounds now.

November 9, 2009

Family Cookout

Sophia Gary
A day after Halloween the family got together for a cookout. Even though I was still tired from the long walk on trick or treat night we toughed it out and ended up having lots of fun! That reminds me I haven’t posted photos from Halloween… we were the weirdest misfit family ever!  Just imagine a Ninja, a ladybug, Hanna Montana and a She Devil walking around, yup weird.  =)

I looked forward to spending time with my brother for months and it finally happened! =) It was a last minute decision and we rushed everything together but we managed to pull it off.  He cooks delicious Mexican food and is hilarious to hang out with.  We are five girls and he’s our only brother, so we love him so much… and a bit spoiled I might add. =) 

beeWhat’s All The Buzz? 
These guys began to buzz around us trying to get to our
drinks so we had to break it up… but not before I got
a snapshot of him! =)

Before long there were hundreds of them and the party was over for us. Made me wonder if I should start a bee hive… yum honey.  I should put these guys to work! =)

November 8, 2009

Sophie and CocoPuff

Sophie loves her new silky chicken that she named CocoPuff because he's puffy all over I guess.  He becomes the new addition to the silky Snowbird who is the cutest thing.  It's so cute how tiny Snowbird is yet thinks he's big, tough and is so protective towards us... no wonder I call him my little man. =)

Why I love chickens you wonder?... or maybe you don't but I'll tell you anyways. I grew up with chickens when I was little and now I am able to give my girls the same experience of country living. I never knew what an amazing life I had until I was able to live it again. I love nature and all the little creatures in it... it has always been a part of me. Even though we also live in the city, you can never take the country out of the girl.