My Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving DayI know I’m a bit late writing about Thanksgiving but I’ve just been so busy… I know you understand me, the Holidays are busy times for everyone! =)
For Thanksgiving we traveled to visit my family in Brownsville and had a dinner at my sister Sonia’s house.  She was so nice to us and cooked everything!  We just came and ate… she was so Wonderful to us and I love her so much! =) Thank You Sonia for such an amazing dinner!

Thanksgiving DayWe ate at the “fun” table and the adults ate where all the grown up talk was going on, hehe I had such a fun time with my family, everyone is so amazing! I love and miss my family so much! =)
I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked to… I was so hungry and once that place of food got in front of me I was totally out of it and didn’t get up for a while! The food was delicious! =)

The silly kids always make any get together so much fun!

My wonderful parents!
My dad enjoys taking photos but my mom is not a big fan of me taking her photos but she let me take just a few... she liked them! I wish had gotten them together but the opportunity never came. I will be framing these.
I love them SO much! =)

My lovely sister Aime! I hadn’t seen her in several month so it was so good to be with her this Thanksgiving day!  I woke her up before 5am, had a breakfast taco, some coffee and went with Gary to Black Friday shopping! Had so much fun! I miss her already but she promised to visit us soon! =)

I am so grateful for this amazing Thanksgiving Day we spent with my family.  Some of my family were not able to make it and were missed very much and hoping next year we can all get together. Hope your Thanksgiving was a very memorable and happy one as well with your loved ones.

I LOVE my family so much and wish I lived closer! =)
Thank You Sonia for the amazing Thanksgiving Dinner!

Lorena Frith

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas