Beauty Shines Through

As I follow my daughters around I usually try to capture them with a beautiful pose or a beautiful background but this day nothing went as planned.  As I got my camera I turned around to find my almost 2yr old filthy as can be.  Oh no I though, my photos are ruined!  Then I thought for a second and decided to try this instead and began photographing her and soon realized the dirtier she got, the more beautiful she looked to me.  She got wet, she got dirty and muddy and she had so much fun.  Although I dreaded the cleaning up part, I did enjoy seeing her just being a child.  Uploading the photos I wondered, can dirty still be beautiful?  And after seeing the photos I took of her I soon realized that dirt or no dirt her true beauty still shined through. Visit Camila Lucia 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas