World Cup 2010... 299 Days To Go!

So the game will be amazing... it's actually something I look forward to for four years since this is how long it is between the games. It's a very long time to wait but when it's here it is all worth it. =)

South Africa 2010 is still 299 days away but the elimination games are already going strong... who will qualify is also pretty exiting. I've got several teams I go for... Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Italy, Spain, France and so on. For those that keep going it's a party and for those eliminated, it's a tear fest. But for a true fan, the anxiety, excitement, stress and joy, it's all worth it. It's the one time to get together, celebrate and just have a Great time with your buddies... even if you're not for the same team. =)

... And even though 2010 is still not here, we can only look forward to the next exiting World Cup... and winner is? BRAZIL! Yeah, I'm getting my piggy bank ready cause I want to be there! =) Brazil 2014!

Joseph Blatter announcing 2014
World Cup will be held in Brazil
between June and July 2014.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas