My Wild Kitties

My little wild kitties! =) They are so cute but oh so hard to get to. =) They avoid me but soon they will begin to "trust" me & love me, after all I am the one who feeds them. I am not the enemy here, haha, I love kitties but it's gonna take a while to 'earn' their trust... something I am willing to keep trying at. For now, they are just cute to look at from far away.

How many cats do I have? The answer would be 18 cats and kittens! ... all so adorable and lovable (except some kittens totally avoid me!). Most don't even have names which is so unlike me being that even my two turkeys have names, Thanks and Giving. =D I name every animals I have, it's something I do. The first one to think of a good name gets it. Gary, my girls and I love animals! They are our escape, in the afternoon we just sit and watch them for hours. =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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