Larry's Cutest Baby Skunk!

Aww, how adorable is this baby skunk? The mama skunk and this cutie visit Thelma and Larry's yard once in a while and the day we visited they happened to show up! Gary screamed for me to go see it so I ran to see... He had sprayed a little just to warn us to stay away but did I? Oh no, I couldn't... I had to get a closer peek. I've never seen a skunk this close up and I couldn't lose my chance so I grabbed my large zoom lens and dumb or brave off I went...

He was scared the poor thing... his mom had just ran away scared but soon she would return for him and raise him to be a great lil' stinker!

Un-scent him and keep him for a pet? Yeah, granddaddy Larry suggested Gary should keep it but wasn't gonna happen! haha I've heard they make "great" pets... I've seen videos of them playing like kitties so I believe it. Not this one though, he was wild and just wanted to be left alone so his mommy would come back for him... and after taking these daring shots I did. I can't help but be amazing by nature! >> Thanks Larry and Thelma for the chance to meet this little guy! =)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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