Happy Easter!

Easter was so much fun this year. I wasn't expecting it to turn out this way being we had a 70% chance of rain for our area! It rained but then the sky cleared and everything began to dry. The day turned out to be as beautiful as I imagined!

My babygirls got to do what they had waited for days... eat candy and crack some eggs! We ended up doing a few more things but most importantly just enjoying our family time.

THE PHOTOS: I got to take some stunning photographs of our day that I will never forget. I was very glad to have my SLR camera for this occasion because the photos came out amazing! I took almost 2000 photos that day!

Overall the whole family had lots of fun specially Camila who got to eat chocolate kisses for her first time... I think she's a fan now. =) Sophie got to do a whole lot of fun stuff, too like ride her pony on her own for the first time and even set a couple of pigeons free! The steaks were not half bad either, Thank you Gary for that!

I'm so thankful for this wonderful day...
I can't wait for the next holiday! =)
As always I will be taking lots of photos.

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