What a Sad Time of My Life!

Missing something is part of what makes it a wonderful memory. What a sad time for me at this time. I'm trying to move past it but the memories are so many it's so hard to just move on like things were before. Sucks Sucks, I'm so pissed but hope I can look back and just see everything like one big wonderful and fun dream. A Dream I am surely going to miss because it was something I always looked forward to.

Sorry, what a bummer way to start my blog as I don't really feel like talking about this moment anyways but still had to say what was on my mind. Look forward to having some wonderful memories to post and I will try to stay away from these sad ones.  I am a big animal lover and as insignificant as that may seem to some people to me they always form a special part in my life.  They become my family and I always intend to guard  and protect them as much as I can.  Sometimes, there's not much I can do and this leaves me feeling so sad and wishing I could have done something different.  I love and miss them! :)

And now to move on to some happier moments in my life!.... Here's to many many more "happy" posts from now on. :) I don't like to dwell on the negatives, bring on the positives please!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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