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Frithos Roadtrippin 2014

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January 2015

Family Time.

Happy Father's Day

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Marina Turning 2

My baby is growing up by leaps and bounds now.

March 25, 2015

Say Hello to my Apple Watch

So this is a two part series. Part One is the before my Apple Watch and Part Two is after. This is so that I will be totally unbiased afterwards and give a true account as to whether or not I truly needed it. 

Part One: 
My sad and lonely wrist is Apple Watch-less. I'm into fitness and so far I've managed to make ends meet by using other means. For example, I run and I have to wear my huge iPhone 6+ on my hip. I can't even wear out on my arm it's so big.  Not a biggie I found this ultra cool fanny pack like bag I wear on my hip. I call it my Kangaroo pouch, but really it's a running belt. I got it at Amazon, check it out here, you will love it!
My Gear Beast waist belt has been my partner in crime in keeping up with tracking my fitness. I can't possibly think of being able to do it any other way. I usually wear it all day just to get an accurate reading of how active I was that day. It helps with counting calories too since I know how many calories I burned with my daily walking and exercise. 

Overall I am not completely thrilled with my way of tracking my fitness this way. Wearing it under a coat wasn't so bad but now that the hot weather is coming I don't see how I can keep wearing it. Maybe on a long hike it would still work. I can't say I haven't managed to find a way and continue to but all I know is that my fitness tracking is limited to only when I wear my phone around my waist. I know I'm much more active than what my phone tells me but I have no other way of knowing.

A cheaper alternative would be to buy a fitness band, many are sold for around $100 bucks, why not go that route? Because! There's an even better way and I can't wait to try it out. I dream of the day I get it and of how it will be able to make my life better and compete... Or not. We'll see... 

Part Two. To be continued...

March 17, 2015

Spring Break with Nature

No ocean, no problem. We did the next best thing and that's a week with family and in nature. Gotta love it! It was a bit rainy but we made it happen. 
Family travel time is our favorite time and when my kids have days off from school, we try to hit the roads. I had just days to plan this next trip returning from visiting my family in Bville and now it was time to head to Alabama. 
After staying with Gary's mom, it was time to visit granddaddy.  One of our favorite places to go eat at is where they have one of the best bacon cheeseburgers ever... Visiting the JD store with free WiFi. After being away from it for so long, we just had to soak it in and didn't want to leave! ☺
We got to visit the historic Selma, Alabama. Little did I know my father in law was actually born and raised in this town and had many family members here. He became or tour guide and I gotta say, he was the best. 
There was so much to see but to me these little moments mean so much more. Marina sitting with her granddaddy Larry. A simply beautiful memory that she may not remember but I sure won't forget. 
We also spent allot of time in Manila, Alabama. The place where Gary's heart and soul belongs. This place is beautiful and you feel a peace unlike anything else. We truly enjoyed staying there in a 100 year old camp house. I have to say, worst night sleep ever but nature filed it with beauty, gotta love it. 
So this was a quick summary of our Alabama family trip... It wasn't long but it was truly enjoyed. It's always sad to say goodbye but we plan on visiting them again soon. Thank you God for allowing us these amazing moments. 

Now I look forward to my next roadie!!!☺

March 1, 2015

Charro Days, family and pineapples

The The fun begins when I arrive. One of my favorite things to do in the world is to visit my family. As it turned out this weekend was Charro Days here and it meant fun was to be had. Only thing I was wrong! There was cold rain in the forecast and it was fierce. Two things kept me from going... One was the cold rain aforementioned and the other was this freakishly sickness I've been having lately. This little thing where I lost my voice!
Why I got sick right before my well planned family trip is beyond me, but I still made the trip. Charro Day-less with no parade and no Sombrero Fest and definitely no Frijolimpics!!! Oh the sadness. Life is just not fair with me sometimes. 
So then we did the next best thing we (family) do best... Eat yummy food (fajitas) and stay warm indoors. I wasn't afraid of the cold... I mean it was only 59° but it was raining and I was losing my voice by the minute and there was only so much robbitusin I could take! I had to face the fact that we weren't going anywhere but our alternative became so amazing nonetheless. That's how we make memories. With family.
My sister Sandra was so nice to let my daughter have this gorgeous dress. It immediately became her favorite dress and who knows when she's gonna take it off now. Who can blame her, she looks so beautiful and I can't stop looking at her either. She most definitely will be wearing it on Cinco De Mayo. 
Even though some plans didn't go as planned on this trip, we managed to make the best of it. Sometimes this happens and we have to adapt. No big deal. I actually ended up having so much more fun this way. I got to be with my parents, my family and eat and make memories with them too, all at the same time. Thank you for God blessing us this Charro Days trip.
Oh and here's the pineapple of my dreams. It does exist! ☺

Now if I can just get my voice back. That'd be swell...

February 26, 2015

Never change who you are

So I have this little problem.  Well it's more like a little BIG problem.  I don't know how else to describe it other than having absolutely no idea how to fix it.  How can one sibling not get along with the other? That's my dilemma right now.  I don't see it.  As the mother of both, I just can't see it. Some people struggle with trivial things that make zero sense to me.  Your sibling is your family, your blood and nothing else should mean more to you than that.  In theory I guess so but in actuality sometimes family means squat. I just can't see it.  Can somebody please explain this one to me?

When I was that age, you know that young innocent age, I was a child.  Childhood was a good time, for me.  it's a fun time.  Innocence and the thoughts of everything around me not mattering much.  It's the best!  I was happy no matter what or where I was.  I was happy just to be alive.  And when I finally got to a teen, an event finally happened that made me "aware" per se, about a certain part of my life that wasn't so great.  I didn't know it then but there was nothing I could do to change it.  I simply became aware of it, I didn't think it mattered or at least the person who brought this awareness to me didn't matter much. So I simply learned and I moved on.

"You live here?"  A "friend" I brought over to my "house" asked me as she looked around in disgust at the small room I called home.

"Yes." I wasn't sure where that question was coming from but it sure made me wonder.  It didn't make me wonder for long.  That was my situation and there was nothing I could do to change it, I thought.  Why was she making a big deal about it?  It was what it was.  The end. I guess she was no friend of mine after all.

People will always judge you or criticize you no matter what.  I believe people should like you for who you are, not for what you have.  That just becomes an extra sometimes if you happen to have both. If you do then you are blessed. One thing is to have and another is to be grateful that you do.  It's a long and lonely life when you only like people for what they have and dislike those who have less.

This is a silly thing really because things change.  Things always change.  The one person you dissed could end up more popular or wealthy or smarter than you.  That one person you turn your back on could end up one day giving you the hand you desperately needed to get you out of your hard place.  Be careful who you diss today.

Comments, looks and whispers and insults are things that have motivated me along the way of my life.  I couldn't possibly have come from lower financial situation.  Yes, I grew up poor.  My only toys were two doll I ended up losing later in life.  I walked to school almost every single day of school and had to learn a second language in a hurry or face being made fun of.  I never considered myself pretty or smart or popular.  On the contrary.  I struggled every step of the way with every thing.  Life just had a thing with me and was a bitch making it as hard as possible sometimes.  That's fine. Big deal. I learned.  I found a way.  I changed.  I became strong and stronger and eventually I morphed into who I am today. I grew up poor but I was rich as hell… on the inside.

Who I am today is who I was then only well, better.  I am proud of who I have become and what I have endured and what I have overcome.  Every struggle you face and succeed at becomes a new stepping stone that will lead you to a better greater life.  This is what I want my children to learn.  But all I have is this story, my story, which I feel means absolutely nothing to them.  Nothing.

I could go on and on about what I went through and nothing will register.  Or will it? Maybe one day. I just want my story to mean something to them for they are the only reason I endured what I did.  I struggled so they wouldn't struggle.  One day they might remember and change their ways.  I'm still learning.  We never stop learning.  We should never stop changing for the better that's for sure.  For ourselves and for those we love, the best of us is yet to come.

February 23, 2015

Talk to Your Kids. They listen.

I am a firm believer in talking to our kids.  Even before my girls could talk or understand what I was saying, I was talking to them. In my belly and as newborns.  Even now that my oldest is 12, I can go into a talking rampage for an hour or so into why she shouldn't listen to everything her friends tell her.  She listens. She trusts me. I’ve taught her how.

I don’t know how I learned this lesson really, my mother never talked to me. It’s just that I love to talk and I learned in my Child Development courses that children’s curiosity need to be fed or else they will grow restless and do the undesired behaviour always. They will either do it with or without you.  Either way, they will do it.  It’s best to be their guide while they explore and learn from their world.

Teaching my children the “why” of things has been such an important part of their development.  There are so many times I’ve heard mothers say to their kids “No, because I said so!”. It drives me nuts!  “Because I said so?”  That's it? Really? Your child with his barely developing brain can't make much sense of this either.

Children want to know why so putting in some 5 minutes of your time to explain the why to your child will save you 30 minutes or more to have to clean up the mess your child created because he never knew why he should not have touched that box with shiny things in it.

I didn’t even know I was doing it until my sister told me I was doing it.  My daughter was a normal one year old, walking and exploring everything around her yet she never broke a single one of my breakables.  I remember a time I went to visit one of my sisters and as soon as I let my daughter loose, I took 5 minutes to explore the living room area with her.  She went to the center table where my sister had a few beautiful, shiny ornaments that my daughter immediately became drawn to.  I showed then to her by holding them for her while she touched them.  She kept saying “wow, so pretty” and “wow mama”.  I told her  “yes, so pretty but you can’t tough it, it will break.  Ok? No no touch.”  How cute, I still remember this like it was yesterday.

No, no touch. I say that over and over again after I allowed her time to touch it and caress it and I let her explore every one of the things while I made sure the item was safe.  All the while she kept repeating to herself “no, no touch”.  It took me no more about 5-10 minutes to talk to her and explore the area until I had satisfied her curiosity and we were done.  She touched, she learned what they felt like and she learned that they would break and she was done.  I walked away and not once again did this one year old become interested in these fancy, breakable vases. Once in a while I would see her pass by the vases repeating to her self "no no touch".

“How did you do that?” My sister asked me.  “You don’t know how many times I’ve had to remove my vases and curios from my tables when moms visit me with their children.  They begin to touch and grab immediately and the moms just say ‘NO!!!’ slap the kids hands and the kids keep doing it.”  My sister had many of her things broken before too and she said you did in five minutes what they could never do.  She had to resort to just removing the items as to not tempt the kids anymore.

By having a simple understanding how a child’s mind works, you can help it develop better.  A child has a strong almost impossible drive to explore, to touch and feel.  There is nothing you can do about it so you just have to go with it.  Show them what it feels like, tell them it will break and then they move on.  Telling your one year old a vase will break probably has little importance to him.  They don’t understand but by just merely sedating their curiosity, they quickly become bored and move on to something else.

I couldn't just simply tell my kids NOT to do so something but had to explain the consequences if they did. 

"Don't jump, you'll fall and you could break your arm then have to go to the hospital and get a shot. Do you want to get a shot?" 
Her little scared face would say "no." 
"Ok, then. Are you going to jump on your bed?" 

With full understanding of the consequences, I believe it helped my girls make better decisions and choices in life. I've never had a broken leg or a broken arm and here's praying they never do!!  

I have taught my kids all their actions have consequences. Some good and some  bad. With a little bit of fear and lots of love and even more understanding I can only hope they continue to strive to do more of the good in life.