Happy Easter

This year was Marina's second Easter and the one she got to enjoy the most.

Happy Birthday Sophie

No matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby.

My Babygirl is Growing up

It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born and I am getting sentimental.

Blisswood Ranch, Texas

his place was amazing! I knew it from the first day we got there when we saw a rainbow that we would have a wonderful time..

Thankful for My Family

My babygirl’s Christmas photos have never looked more beautiful and I never more proud.

July 11, 2014

Frithos Road Trip: The Wild West

We have always wanted to make this trip and thank God we finally got to it. We have been married for 16 years and three girls later and are finally making the family trip we have always wanted. It only took 2 weeks of travel and over 5,000 miles in my new 2014 Highlander (and one dead animal... more on that later) but it was all worth it. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!
On our way out of Texas we made our first stop on the one place we neeever expected to find: the second biggest canyon in the US and it's right here in Texas! We didn't even know it existed! It was vast and magnetic. We had so much fun. 

At the point the weather was beginning to get much more pleasant. Hmm imagine that. 

We got to see the Texas Canyon from above and also enjoy it from below. You can either hike the trail down or like we did, drive down. I wasn't prepared for hiking, I was wearing my flipflops. (I'm ashamed at even saying that right now.)

Oh boy, was there A LOT of learning I did during our Nature trip. Hiking shoes, backpacks, water bottles??? More on that later...
Apparently, there's these thing called hiking shoes and I did not own a pair, I did later though. So we mostly drove into and on to mountains. 

But before we got to look up and drive up at mountains, we looked down at the amazing canyon where tribal Indians made their homes and where once they battled to save their way of life. What's a beautiful place. I would later come to find out the West is so filled with our native way of life. I felt like home!

So far, our family trip had an amazingly great start... 

June 29, 2014

It's time to say Goodbye Mexico

I am so proud of my loved Mexico. It's been a great run. From almost not qualifying to making it to the around of 16. I would've loved more, so much more but it was just not meant to be. I don't know how to explain how heart broken I am. Words can't describe. Mexico goes home with their head high. You made it past many strong opponent and some (Spain the 2010 champions) didn't even get to enjoy. 
Of course everybody wants the final victory. The last battle for the glory. Only few have felt it and some (Brasil the penta-campeon) have felt it several times. That must be nice. I mean who wants this immense feeling of excitement to end? No one. 

One day it will be for us. Maybe one day. 

Transformers 4 Review. Thumbs waay down

Oh Transformers 4, how you have let me down. Way down. I actually give it two stars only because of the special effects but I take off three stars for the never ending senseless metal crashing and Autobot killing. This is pretty much it. The first hour was enjoyable because of the human story behind it, the second hour was hardly tolerable and by the third hour I was wishing it had ended an hour ago! 

I, like all the other fans, was thrilled and couldn't wait to watch the next sequel to the much loved Transformers series. Yes, I am a big fan, seen every movie at the theatre, bought every movie as it came out and even recently bought a collection of all three in Blueray. I've seen the movies each several times, love the kiss scene with Magan Fox and Shia with the rotating camera and the sun glistening in their eyes. Yadiyadiyada The whole nine yards, you name it, I've seen it. Loved it. I am a fan... Or rather was a fan, of the old movies. 

This is me anxiously and cluelessly awaiting to watch Transformers 4. 

I am a huge fan of the previous Transformer movies and I can honestly say I have NOT been this disappointed at a movie I loved so much in like, forever. WHY? Why was this movie even made? Other than all the money they will make off of it from clueless movie goers like me, they killed every hope I once had in it. Every hope. They just ruined a real good thing. 

Not seen the movie? You might want to cover your ears. I have so many questions... Like why were most of the Transformers killed? It's not like they couldn't be drawn in. What happened to Shia, was he killed to for associating with them? So many characters you got to know and love, gone. Just gone. And the sad part is that we are told they were killed, by humans! What?! I know right. Humans are the enemies and this time in a big way! So don't expect to see your favorite Autobot. This has to be my least favorite part, I mean a transformers with new characters? I had two teens saying this movie quote unquote "stunk" and a 6 year old little fan be terrified of the humans ripping the Autobots to pieces that she loved so much. 

And then there's this little thing where we are actually the idiots who resurrect the main Decepticon and the senseless cliche blond girl screaming around and making lots of dumb mistakes. I also found no real connectiion to the characters and their stories, it was lame. The same 'ol "daddy girl likes the bad boy" story is pretty old now. Mark Walhberg playing the dad protecting his little innocent 17 year old hot daughter in shorts up the crack just doesn't do it for me anymore. I know a Magan Fox replacement was imperative but that girl just didn't do it for me. Not even close. 

Bottle line is, I can see why Shia didn't want to do this movie. No offense Mark, you're still great in other movies. It's just that Bumblebee is already taken. Transformers 4. Both thumbs way down! :( This movie should have never ever been made and this comes from a fan from the very beginning. Can you say special effect motion sickness? #SadbutTrue

June 28, 2014

World Cup 2014 - 2nd Stage

HERE WE GO!  The best have fought and won their chance to the next round.  I am so excited all three of my favorite teams have made it to the next stage, the Round of 16, and dream of my favorite to make it as far as we can go.

Mexico has never won a World Cup, ever.  We always wonder if it's ever going to be possible.  We can dream right?  USA also made it to the next stage and even though they only passed because the other two didn't have enough points, we have a strong chance against Belgium.  And on to Brasil... They are the patrons on this World Cup and even though they are my second favorite team, every one would still hate to see them lose and completely out of the games.  They are a strong team and they have everyone's support but Chile wants it so badly.  Anything, again, can happen.  Chile can make it through if they want it bad enough.

If the Futbol Gods can hear me, please give Mexico a chance.  Pleeeeeeease!!!! We would greatly appreciate a little love come our way.  So many countries have known what it's like to hold the championship cup in their hands.  Mexico, with such a strong lovers of futbol, never has known what it's like to hold the ultimate prize.  It's would be a DREAM COME TRUE. 

USA with such little support is what ultimately seems like not many support it.  This needs to change and should change!  I am tired of hearing "soccer is boring!" UGH, nothing makes me more angry!  IF you love your country, you love passion and sheer joy of things, you LOVE FUTBOL!  Nothing else, that's it.  You love it or you don't.  

Brasil making it to the final would be awesome.  It keeps the country happy and willing to keep the excitement in their country going with no hard feelings.  No body wants to see a fight begin.  Let's just hope it's all done fairly and no trouble comes from it.  

So, let the fun and excitement continue.  I am currently watching Brasil vs. Chile and they are tied halftime.  At this point every game is an awesome game.  The Best of the Best comepeting for the all or nothing win.  Keep going or GO HOME.  Tears of joy and pure sadness at every end of game from the players and fans alike.  Really, what's NOT to love?!!!


June 20, 2014

South Padre Island, we Meet Again

The time has finally come when I got to enjoy the beautiful sound of waves and seagulls and the taste of sand on my lips.  The feeling is that of "I could do this every day" and never look back.  Every time I come to visit my parents, I have to make a trip (or two or three) to the SP Island, or just South Padre.
Camila enjoying the sand in her toes.  Grateful for this moment.

Marina, Camila and Sophie had a wonderful time at the beach and even though I used my 5D, I didn't get many photos.  I was more focused on enjoying the moments and chasing my little girl around every second.  Yes, there was a time when she stood still and I was glad I captured it.  
I look at this picture and I wish I was right there again.
Enjoying the little things is what I try to do.  A cup of coffee with my parents in the morning, a trip to the island to sink my toes in the sand, a long conversation with my mother, that delicious food she makes.  Every happy moment is a creation we make.  We have to learn to find those moments and fight enough to keep them.  They are the real deal, these are the moments that matter.

Marina never stands still long enough for a posed photo. 
Every photo I get of my little girls I have to work hard for.  They don't make it easy for me, there is no such thing as pose for mama yet.  The good thing is that it's made me better at anticipating the moment, that moment I can only wish it's everything I hoped for.  Sometimes they are the best moments I could dream of.  They may not be perfect but they are life and life never is.

June 19, 2014

The Road to Brazil Continues

So, this is it.  The time is finally here and I have been short of busy with excitement watching all the games I can.  The Group stage of the the World Cup is everyone's chance to get a taste of each other, to see where we all stand and see how far each one of us think we can go.  We have had some great and bad surprises already and we are just getting started!

The World Cup is my favorite championship EVER and one many of us look forward to with all our hearts. For us fans this is the time of great fears, happiness, joys and heartbreak.  The weird thing is that we wouldn't want it any other way! The time is here and we've been having day after day of amazing games.  The only bad thing is that I am currently traveling and I am getting to miss many games that I would've otherwise watched at the comfort of my own home.

I have already seen some amazing memorable games.  USA, Brasil and Mexico have played and a couple of them with each other and being they are my favorite teams, I didn't miss them.  We have started the last round of games for the Team stage and we have already seen some amazing teams like Spain (the 2010 champions) get eliminated.  After the teams battle it out with each other, the top two of each group of 4 get to move on forward to the Top 16.  Depending if they get to be first or second place the go battle it out with another group's first or second place.  The winners then go to Quarter, Semi and the Final where the last two teams compete for the World Cup Championship.

This is great family and personal fun and a time I have looked forward to for four years and I am so happy it's finally here but it will be over before you know it!  I am rooting for my favorite teams, Mexico, Brasil and USA.  If not too much corruption is involved, let's just hope the referees are fair and no dirty work is involved.  We all have faith our favorite country will prevail and get as close to the final as possible.  It's never been so we can only hope this is the time Mexico, a country with great hopes and amazing fans can make it to the end.  This would be my dream come true!

Let the fun continue!...